About Arizona Citizens Defense League

Providing Firearms Safety and Training

The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) is a non-profit 501(c)(4), all-volunteer, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting your freedom and rights. The foundation works diligently in the highly vital area of firearms safety, firearms training, and the propagation of self-defense rights.

Posted by Editor on Feb 26, 2024


Understand the AzCDL

Who are the AZCDL Co-Founders?

The AzCDL Foundation has been initiated by a team of dedicated activists, which includes the co-founder and President Dave Kopp. Their work is deeply embedded in the philosophy that the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense are the foundations for all other rights.

The AzCDL Foundation and Firearms Safety

The principal mission of the foundation is to encourage the responsible exercise of rights of law-abiding gun owners. To achieve this, AzCDL provides a variety of services including firearms safety training and awareness to help individuals maintain necessary safety protocols while handling firearms.

AzCDL: A Non-Partisan Organization with Proactive Approach

AzCDL believes in a proactive civic approach, as outlined on their Facebook group chat. They advocate for coordinated activism towards safeguarding freedom, particularly focusing on the defense of civil rights within Arizona. Their primary goal is not just to protect, but also to advance the right of self-defense among the citizens.

Involvement, Services, and Facilities

AzCDL offers a multitude of services to ensure that your weapons rights are protected and upheld.

Engage with AzCDL for Bill Tracking

One of the significant functions of AzCDL is the tracking of bills. This feature helps the citizens stay updated about any law changes related to weapon rights.

Arizona Citizens Defense League and Civic League

The Arizona Citizens Defense League is also a Civic League headquartered in Tucson, AZ as outlined in their documentation on the Charity Navigator. The foundation operates with a clear and strategic framework to ensure the protection of your civil rights.

AzCDL Membership and Online Store

Joining the AzCDL opens up access to several benefits, including an abundant supply of resources, educational facilities, and member links. They even offer members an online store that provides life membership, family membership, and other products.

Defense League Outreach and Legal Protection Plan

AzCDL ensures extensive outreach to educate and involve the citizens of Arizona in their legislative process, as outlined in a report by GuideStar. Visitors on their website can find more about their directors, officers and contact information in their Contact Us page.

The foundation also strongly recommends that if you carry a firearm, you should consider a legal protection plan. They offer a discount for AzCDL members. The coverage offers most legal needs in the event you are arrested for a firearms violation.

What is "Shannon's Law"?

In Arizona, Shannon’s Law targets the unlawful discharge of firearms within city limits. Passed in 2000 and named after Shannon Smith, a 14-year-old Phoenix resident killed by a stray bullet, the law was intended to crack down on celebratory gunfire and other irresponsible uses of firearms. Violating this law can result in serious criminal penalties, making it crucial to understand its implications.

“Unlawful discharge of a firearm” crime is defined in ARS 13-3107 as a class 6 felony offense in Arizona. But what makes this crime a felony? Conitnue reading to learn why firing a gun can be considered a reckless offense that leads to hefty penalties.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main purpose of the AzCDL? AzCDL's main mission is to protect individual rights and freedoms, particularly related to firearms.

  2. Does AzCDL offer membership? Yes, AzCDL offers membership to individuals interested in protecting their rights to bear arms.

  3. What services does AzCDL offer its members? AzCDL offers firearms safety training, legal protection plans, and helpful resources to its members.


The Arizona Citizens Defense League is more than just an organization; it is a movement. A movement designed to maintain, protect, and advocate for individual rights, particularly the right to self-defense. Join the AzCDL today to participate in the proactive protection of civic rights within the state of Arizona.

Long known for their dedication to firearms safety, firearms training, and the rights of law-abiding gun owners, the Arizona Citizens Defense League provides a platform for coordinated activism and non-partisan, civic-minded defense of all civil rights. Offering bill tracking, an extensive membership, and an online store, AzCDL has established itself as a true defender of freedom.